Technical Service Contract Between HaDian Wind Power Darwin Company and France's Eolink

2023-06-14 10:20

HaDian Wind Power Darwin Company and France's Eolink have recently signed a technical service contract for the French Atlantic offshore floating project. This agreement aims to support the high-quality advancement of the French Atlantic offshore floating project. The contract was signed using a "cloud signing" method, with Mr. Gan Sheng, General Manager of HaDian Wind Power Darwin Company, and Mr. Marc Guyot, CEO of Eolink, in attendance.

The French Atlantic offshore floating project is one of the important projects under the French government's 2030 Renewable Energy Funding Program. It utilizes innovative floating structures to test and validate new technologies at the SEM-REV site in Le Croisic, France, thereby promoting the development of offshore clean energy technologies. As a key partner in this project, HaDian Wind Power will work closely with Eolink, providing support and services in terms of wind turbine equipment, technical consultation, engineering design, and project management. This collaboration ensures the safety, stability, and reliability of the floating wind power equipment in the project.

The signing of this technical service contract signifies an important step in the cooperation between HaDian Wind Power and Eolink in the field of offshore floating wind power technology, paving the way for the successful implementation of the French Atlantic offshore floating project. The practical collaboration between the two parties promotes the development of innovative floating technologies and renewable energy, holding positive significance for the exploration of future deep-sea wind power projects.

As a practitioner and witness of China's wind power industry development, HaDian Wind Power has been actively involved in the new energy sector. At the end of 2022, HaDian Wind Power held a "France Atlantic 5MW Floating Wind Power Project" cloud signing ceremony with France Atlantic Project Company, aiming to jointly promote the development and innovation of floating technology, facilitate the growth of offshore wind power industry, and drive global energy's zero-carbon transformation.

HaDian Wind Power is a large state-owned enterprise under the HaDian Group, jointly established by Harbin Electric Corporation Limited and Hunan Xingxiang Investment Holdings Group Limited. Darwin, as HaDian Wind Power's R&D center in Europe, was founded in the Netherlands in 2009. It is a wind turbine design company specializing in both fixed and floating turbine designs, with unique patents for floating turbines. Alongside its commitment to improving turbine quality and research and development efficiency, Darwin has also developed core technologies such as simulation toolkits and drive systems.

Eolink, founded in 2016, aims to develop an innovative floating wind power concept that replaces the classic single mast supporting wind turbines with four wind arms. As a rising star in the French wind industry, Eolink has become the fourth company in the world to achieve 5 MW of power on a floating wind turbine. At the end of 2022, the company received final investment decisions from Spain's Acciona Energy and project management company Valorem, supporting the construction of a 5 MW pyramid- shaped floating turbine. This equipment will be installed at the SEM-REV test site near the French west coast in 2024.