Founded in 2004, the China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC), which was formed by an international business exchange team under a central think tank in China, merged with a conference company in Singapore. It is the only similar company listed on the new third board (May 2016), but also the earliest international high-level conference planning and organization of professional institutions, known as the industry's 'Whampoa Military Academy'.

OWA2023 aims to bring together various stakeholders in the offshore wind power industry, including governments, developers, investors, EPC general contractors, design institutes, wind turbine manufacturers, offshore wind power construction installers, and component suppliers. Additionally, the event will provide a platform for wind power personnel from frontier technology providers and other organizations to discuss important topics such as emerging market trends in Asia, policy development, technology advancements, and cost control strategies.

World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO) is the world's only organization 100% focused on promoting offshore wind energy on a global scale. WFO is registered as a non-profit organization (e.V.) in Germany, with offices in Hamburg, Tokyo, Taipei and New York. WFO's international members represent the complete offshore wind value chain including utility companies, manufacturers, service firms as well as other non-profit organizations.

Established in November 1983, Shanghai Industrial Cooperative Association is a local organization of China Industrial Cooperative Association. It has 226 group member units.


Thai Wind Energy Association (TWEA) is a non-profit membership-based trade association.

Embracing the wind sector of Thailand, join forces Thai and international members from related organizations, institutes and companies. ThaiWEA works for the promotion and deployment of wind energy technology in Thailand.

T-Wind Marine Association aims to integrate geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, material engineering, anti-corrosion treatment, workboat, foundation survey, design, transportation, installation, testing, training, meteorology and environmental imaging related to offshore wind turbine foundation engineering, to promote the technological upgrading and development of Taiwan's offshore wind turbine industry.

Asian Shipowners’ Forum (ASF) was founded in April 1992 when its first meeting was held at Japan Shipping Club in Tokyo. As one of the important shipping organizations in the world, it consists of seven members from the shipowners’ associations of Asia Pacific nations i.e. Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Federation of ASEAN Shipowners’ Associations (FASA). To better reflect the work and progress of its members and committees, the ASF - who controls and operates around 50% of the world’s cargo carrying fleet - is changing its name to Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA).

The Chinese Society of Power Engineering is an academic mass organization of power engineering scientific and technological workers across the country, and it is an integral part of the China Association for Science and Technology. The Association is a multi-professional comprehensive society centered on the research, design and manufacture of power generation thermal power mechanical equipment. It has 12 professional committees including nuclear power, gas thermal power, environmental protection technology and equipment, and new energy equipment.